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What is the real price of our modern, hustle-all-all-cost business culture?


Something terrible has happened to the American Dream. For so many entrepreneurs and professionals, the relentless pursuit of success leaves behind damaged relationships and personal life carnage in its wake.


In The UnAmerican Dream, Carlos Hidalgo reveals his thrilling journey to entrepreneurial triumph, and the simultaneous decent to rock bottom. Despite impressive accolades and remarkable professional achievements, he found himself miserable, discontent, and at risk of losing his most important personal relationships, forever.


Through authentic, honest, and vulnerable storytelling not found in most business books, Hidalgo asks us all to question, “is it really worth it?” Featuring the perspective of a variety of executives from across the country, this book reveals the truth about the cost that many pay in order to keep pace with modern business pressures. Hear from Hidalgo’s wife, Susanne, who reminds us that with every quest for success, there are real relationships impacted.

Hidalgo details the life changes he made to re-center himself, and offers a step-by-step guide for others in a similar situation to find happiness and fulfillment. The UnAmerican Dream is an invitation to shed hustle culture, cultivate that which is life giving, and find both personal and professional success on your terms.

Download a copy of the Introduction to The UnAmerican Dream to discover more about the book & why Hidalgo wrote it. 

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Carlos Hidalgo - My Story

The idea of The UnAmerican Dream came to me when in 2016, around the same time I made the decision to leave the first company I co-founded. However, I knew that I was not ready to write it as I needed time to do some much needed soul searching and sort out this story in my head.

Since that time, I have spoken to many who like me have spent far too much, building a career and chasing professional ambitions, i.e. "The American Dream" only to see their lives fall apart and be left wondering what it is all for?

This book is for those in business, entrepreneurs, and anyone who simply wants permission to step off the treadmill and explore another way of business that is not all about the "hustle"  . . . which is not at all American.


"This is a book is a must read for anyone who is in business" 

- James Carbary; CEO - Sweetfish Media

"This book is a must read for anyone and everyone in leadership - no matter your industry. I not only enjoyed reading this book – I needed it. Carlos’ story of his own life, his research of good science and the testimonies of other leaders all combine to sing over me a song I desperately needed to be reminded of: “You can rest.” 

- Brandi Lea; Executive Director - Beauty for Ashes Uganda 

"Most of these types of books are unrealistic and come from an ivory tower . . . this book comes from the heart."

 - Craig Rosenberg; Co-Founder - Topo

“As someone who struggles with being obsessively driven at work while also being a loving father and devoted husband, The Unamerican Dream helped me discover that the person I am neglecting the most in all this hustle is the person I should take better care of -- myself. ”

- Dave Lewis; Founder & CEO - DemandGen International 

"This book is more than a breath of fresh air, it's a life preserver for those swimming upstream in corporate America. It is here to save you from the dangerous work ethos of hustle culture, #thegrind, and Jack Ma's 12-hour work days. Read this book before it is too late, your Life is counting on it."

- Mathew Sweezy; Forbes Columnist, Marketing Insights at Salesforce 

"Human beings are wired for connection, but executives on the rise can easily lose sight of what is truly important.  As a therapist and couples counselor, I see many clients whose identity is rooted in their career and wealth, yet they have lost connection with loved ones, community, and themselves.  

Carlos offers thought-provoking questions to help you find clarity about what you value most.The UnAmerican Dream comes at a time when our culture of consumerism is beginning to give way to the values of community, sustainability, and minimalism."

- Valerie Allen, MEd, LPCC, Mental Health Therapist and Couples Counselor  

"Many of us look at the American Dream as the highest of our values and ideals. But we don't stop to think about what chasing it can do to our health and our relationships. In this book, Carlos shares his story in such a raw, courageous, and vulnerable way about how he learned this lesson the hard way. He starts at his own rock bottom and then brings us along for the ride to the the realization that balance can be achievable in life."

- Michael Brenner, CEO, Speaker & Author of Mean People Suck

"Today's hyper-active culture around us teaches to hustle at work, sacrifice family, and focus on the end as a must-do for ultimate success. The UnAmerican Dream presents the exact opposite mindset and completely redefines success."

- Sangram Vajre, co-founder and Chief Evangelist of Terminus

"There are books that should take up space on every business professional's book shelf, and there are masterpieces like The UnAmerican Dream that should serve as a daily blueprint of how to balance successful work-life harmony. Carlos digs deep, divulging raw feelings and real action items for all of us who have weighed the pros and cons of career advancement vs. familial sacrifices. BRAVO doesn't fairly articulate how important this book is."

- Peter Loibl, Head of Sales at Informa

"The Unamerican Dream is a topic that’s long awaited the right spokesperson. Carlos Hidalgo is that person. Life should be a rich kaleidoscope of experiences, people and ideas, not a monochromatic line that races from birth to death acquiring as much as we can. Carlos reminds us that the true American Dream is about purpose, not productivity and profit. People try to make sweeping changes to course correct their lives. But it’s more about the sum of the small decisions we make that creates the life we live. This book is a must-have reminder about why we wake up every morning and what fills our soul when we lie our head down at night."

- Carla Johnson, Speaker, Author of RE:Think Innovation and CMO

This book is a treatise on real success. There are two pervasive myths in the American Dream: you’re not a true artist if you don’t struggle, or starve, and you’re not a true entrepreneur unless you hustle yourself to exhaustion. What Carlos does in this book is to masterfully pierce both of these myths and illustrate how the real dream is achieving the balance between having a career, and having a life.  

- Robert Rose, Founder, The Content Advisory

Carlos opens his heart to share the pain and true cost of living the “American Dream”.
This book offers a great reminder on the things that truly matter, are not held within the offices in which we work, or the companies we serve.
I would strongly recommend this book to anyone, struggling or not, with work/life boundaries.
I will be buying several copies to give to friends/clients.

- Ryan Coil, Founder & CEO of Beat Debt Now


Videos, Articles & Podcasts

Book Trailer

TEDx - Work-Life Boundaries 

What Is The UnAmerican Dream?

My Favorite Chapter in The UnAmerican Dream

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Carlos Hidalgo Discusses The UnAmerican Dream with Dave Lewis

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As a TEDx and keynote speaker as well as event emcee, Carlos Hidalgo brings passion, excitement and an engaging style that inspires his audiences. His mix of humor, vulnerability, and research provide audiences with practical steps they can take both personally and professionally to begin making the changes that will bring a positive impact to their lives. 

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Building a Healthy Work-Place Culture

  • Finding Happiness, Worth & Identity

  • Defining Success Both Personally & Professionally

  • Establishing Work-Life Boundaries

"Carlos brings energy and excitement to the stage and was truly a key part of making our event a success"

- Emma Roborgh; Founder of B2B Leadership Summit APAC

2020 Speaking Schedule


  • January 16th: The Marketing Alliance - Denver, CO 

  • February 10th: Belmont University - Nashville, TN 

  • February 12th: Meeting Planners International Pittsburgh - Pittsburg, PA 

  • February 20th: Phoenix Start-Up Week - Phoenix, AZ 

  • May 20-21: B2B Marketing Leaders Forum - Sydney, Australia 

  • August 19-20: B2B Marketing Leaders Forum Asia - Singapore 

  • November 3-6: MarketingProfs B2B Forum - San Francisco, CA 

  • November 19: B2B Marketing Leaders Forum - Melbourne, Australia 

If you want Carlos to bring his energy and passion to your event, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you. 


All of our workshops are designed to both enable and equip organizations and individuals to get the most from their professional and personal time and investment. Below is a brief description of all of our workshops and what you will get from attending them. 

Redefining Success Individual Workshop: 

How do you define success? For so many success is determined by wealth, status and title. Yet, many who have ascended up the corporate ladder, grown businesses or accumulated wealth do not see themselves as successful. 

If you are at a place in your life where all the professional achievements and money is leaving you unfulfilled, then this workshop is for you. 


At the end of this workshop you will be able to:


  • Define what success should look like by aligning your success to your ideal life purpose 

  • Identify what is holding you back from living out your definition of success

  • Have a plan to begin moving to a more successful life 

  • Have a clear picture of your values that will shape the meaning of success


Defining Work-Life Boundaries Individual or Corporate Workshop: 

Nearly 70 percent of professionals state that they do not have a work-life balance and 50 percent self identify as workaholics.

This is no way to live and will not enable you to get the most out of life or the team that you manage.


Rather than try in vain to find balance, look to establish boundaries that are more defined and have a sense of permanence. 


This workshop is designed to help individuals and teams do just that, establish your work-life boundaries.

At the end of this course you will be able to:


  • Identify those things in life you value the most and want to protect

  • Have defined boundaries around each of your value areas

  • Have a written description of your boundaries 

  • Have an action plan for implementing your boundaries 

  • An understanding of how to get the most from your team and allow them to give the most to their work ​ 

Our Workshops

If you are interested in one of our workshops, please fill out the form below and we will contact you. 

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